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Since 2006, LED Light Technology has provided LED lighting services for industrial, commercial and office-based clients. Preliminary site surveys are completed by our LED Lighting Professionals. Specifications and Financial analysis are provided. Lighting designs are done if required. Sample LED products can be supplied/installed. LED Installations are carried out by our certified and insured electricians. Continued site support post-installation is also offered.


LED Light Technology offers unique products which retrofit existing lighting fixtures in some cases without replacing or removing the original fixture from the ceiling. Facility energy audits are conducted to determine the most cost effective solution. The resulting energy and maintenance cost savings will strengthen our customers’ balance sheet. LED Light Technology founders have spent their careers in the lighting and LED integration business.

LED Light Technology products last up to 50 times longer than the typical life of an incandescent bulb (1,000 hours) and 5 times that of the average compact florescent (CFL, 10,000 hours). Our customers benefit by choosing the traditional look of warm white lighting, daylight, or the crisp cool white version that is the signature look of LED lighting. Materials and scientific advancements of LED's allow LLT to produce fixtures with high color rendering without compromising the quality and brightness of the light; leaving our customers with high-efficiency natural looking light. In keeping with our environmental outlook and to ensure maximum performance and life our products do not have easy to break filament and do not contain mercury.


Our  Services

Lighting Design, Specification, and Installation all in one place!

Evaluate your Properties

Through surveying and evaluation of your properties our professional Lighting Consultants will specify the most efficient lighting systems available.                            

Comparative lighting system analysis

Compare your existing lighting system to state of the art systems. Providing details such as: analysis of cost benefits, estimated return on investment, and identify areas of improvement. 

LED solutions & Turn Key Installation  

LED Light Technology recommends best in class LED products. To maximize your energy savings ask your Lighting Consultant to combine LED with energy saving control systems.

This conversion was completed flawlessly under the guidance of LED Light Technology. The project was completed on-time and on budget.
I find LED Light Technology to be very conscientious, extremely dependable and a great vendor in which to partner. I highly recommend LED Light Technology.
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