Del Monte Fresh Produce, N.A. Inc. Installs Intelligent Energy Efficient LED Lighting

LED Light Technology provided Del Monte an innovative and intelligent LED lighting system at their Galveston Port Facility. 

Similar facilities that install LED Light Technology’s Intelligent LED Lighting System will obtain an estimated $132,225.00 in annual energy savings, which equates to removing 68 cars from the road and planting 9,213 trees every year.  Candidates for this system will recoup their investment within one to two years and will benefit from years of maintenance-free use and measureable validation of their investment.

Intelligent 80 Watt LED High Bay complete with wireless controllable software management system. This 80W fixture replaced a traditional 400W HID High Bay.
We want to thank you for all yours and Amy’s efforts on this project and we are very happy with the performance of the product. Being able to monitor the performance and cost savings using the software system is truly amazing and takes facility lighting to a completely differently level. We look forward to the higher performance and lower costs that LED’s provide and believe we made the right decision when we chose your company to make the conversion.
— Joe Wiley, Port Manager, Galveston, TX